Water Softeners Shropshire

The Bridgnorth Water Softening Company supply and fit a range of water softeners to meet all domestic requirements. Supplied from the UK Leading manufacturers including Harvey’s the number one water softener manufacturer in England and Europe for the domestic market with over 37 years experience. Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2016.

Minimax M2 Water Softener

A compact, efficient and effective water softener which requires no electricity, as it is powered by the flow of water.

It uses two cylinders allowing one tank needs to regenerate the other will carry on providing your house with softened water 24/7.

The Minimax water softener uses block salt; a lightweight, compact 4kg brick that takes the hassle of out of refilling process, making the process simple.

The Minimax M2 offers continuous high water flow rates of up to 60 litres per minute, which is greater than any standard domestic plumbing system in the UK would require.

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